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Company News

Well Seals, LLC is headquartered in Arlington, TX with additional offices in Houston, Odessa.

Now celebrating our 7th year of successful business!

Holiday Schedule:

July. 4th, 2016 Closed

Sept 5th Labor Day Closed

Nov. 24th thru 25th, 2016 Closed for Thanksgiving

Dec. 16th Close at Noon

Closed Dec 19 thru Sunday Jan. 1st, 2017 

Reopen: Monday January 2nd at 8:00am



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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:


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New Products


Halliburton R-4

5 ½” 23 lb. IX Element

7” large Bore IX Element

5 ½” ADL Element  

  7-5/8” IX & TS Elements

      9-5/8” R & JS Elements

      Klein Packer Elements & Seals


Welcome to Well Seals

Well Seals, LLC, is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of premium quality elastomer products for the oil and gas industry. We are located in Arlington, Texas, and our staff of skilled engineers and technicians offer decades of experience. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality elastomer products in the oil field. Customer service is our top priority, and every customer is important.
Well Seals, LLC, offers a wide range of elastomer products that includes retrievable packers, bridge plugs, and completion tools. Well Seals, LLC, complies with all environmental and safety regulations. We are committed to the integrity of our business and community.

Mission Statement

The success of our business relies on providing premium products at a competitive price. Honesty and Integrity are essential elements of our customer service and Well Seals will meet and exceed our customers expectations.

Thank you for visiting and please contact us




• Packer Rubbers

Baker Style -R,LS, AD-1
4 ½" thru 7 5/8"

Arrow Style - I, IX, HD,TS
4 ½" thru 7 5/8"



• Packer Seals

Arrow Type
2 3/8" thru 9 5/8"

Baker Type
2 3/8" thru 9 5/8"




• Swab Cups

Well Seals
1 ½" thru 13 3/8"


• Custom Molded Rubbers

On-Off Tools Seals
Bridge Plug Elements
Cement Retainer Elements
Open-Hole Packer Elements

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